At 126 years old, Aspen’s Hotel Jerome has been with the town through thick and thin. And thanks to a recent renovation, it looks like it will be around for many more years.

If one building could tell the story of Aspen it would be the Hotel Jerome. The three-storey red brick hotel was built in 1889 by Jerome B. Wheeler with the aim of rivalling the likes of the Savoy in London. However, Hotel Jerome has achieved much more by becoming an institution in its own right, and one that is a testament to the transformations in Aspen’s history. And having been fully renovated three years ago, the hotel now features 93 guest rooms and suites as well as a swimming pool overlooking the glorious Rocky Mountains.

When Hotel Jerome was first built, the silver mining industry in Aspen also began to thrive, which subsequently attracted a myriad of investors. However, at the turn of the century, the town’s economy slumped causing people to leave, including many of The Jerome’s customers. Following this, Aspen didn’t experience prosperity again until the 1940s, when it became a ski resort. This transition was presaged by the installation of the town’s first ski lift, which attracted a new set of visitors, and by the 1960s it had become popular with hippies and celebrities alike. Film stars such Lana Turner and John Wayne visited the town, and The Jerome became the favourite watering hole of the Eagles and Jack Nicholson; today, Mariah Carey likes to get a drink there, too.

After decades of welcoming thousands of visitors every year, The Jerome was in need of a make- over. Enter Aspen - based architects rowland + broughton, who took on the challenge of bringing back the hotel’s original charm using stateof- the-art technology in 2012.

They also invited renowned interior designer Todd-Avery Lenahan, who chose chic furnishings inspired by Western Victoriana and Art Deco. For example, in the guest rooms, Lenahan selected Streamline Moderne- style lighting fixtures as well as GROHE faucets for the ultimate luxury statement. But it’s in the warm and lively living room where the designer’s love of Aspen is most palpable, with its eclectic collection of furniture and upholstery decked in rich colours and tartan.

Atrio Classic

With a distinct nod towards the Bauhaus dictum of form following function, the Atrio Classic faucets are a harmonious blend of cylindrical forms and the finest GROHE technologies – the perfect addition to The Jerome’s eclectic design mix.

Tradition is nonetheless present in every aspect of this refit. Now in its 127th year, The Hotel Jerome features floors inspired by Native American rug patterns, a grand full-relief oak-carved fireplace and an elegant Auberge Spa. The restaurant even has hand stitched leather chairs and an innovative lighting system that can adapt to different moods. And although the final result gives The Jerome an incredibly luxurious look, it does so with a stylish flair; a fusion that’s likely to entice yet another generation of guests.