GROHE’s Rainshower® SmartControl shower system makes taking a shower even more pleasurable.

Good news for shower-lovers: To adjust the temperature and intensity of GROHE’s Smart-Control shower system all that’s needed is a gentle touch. Few things in life are better than starting (or ending) the day with a shower that is just right – be it hot, cold or any desired temperature in between. Fortunately, the new GROHE Rainshower® SmartControl system features new technology that makes having a shower even easier and more enjoyable than it ever was. The innovation in GROHE’s system lies in its ‘on button’. Not only does it start the shower, it also allows users to adjust the water volume by rotating it lightly – no faucets or prayers to the gods of morning bathing required whatsoever.

Putting the smart in shower: GROHE’s SmartControl lets the user control the shower’s functions with just a gentle touch and a turn of the wrist.

The SmartControl innovation is available as part of GROHE’s top-of-the-line Rainshower® system which is also equipped with an extra-large 360 mm shower head that covers the users entire body and gives them the feeling of showering under a warm tropical waterfall. The SmartControl button also regulates the intensity of the shower from a light drizzle to a real downpour. This system can also be combined with GROHE’s Rain, Rain O2 and TrioMassage spray patterns, the latter of which gives a head and shoulder massage in a combined spray.

A simple push of the button starts the shower. Turning it adjusts the water volume gradually from Eco to Full Flow.

Apart from these astonishing technical qualities, SmartControl is also beautifully designed. Its button, shower plate, thermostat chassis and flat glass tray have all been rendered in a pleasingly modern, minimalist style that matches the forward-thinking technology it conceals. Moreover, with the benefit of CoolTouch®, shower times are also safer, since it prevents users from scalding themselves if they touch the controls whilst showering.

Most of all, GROHE’s Rainshower® SmartControl system makes every shower even more pleasant and comfortable for shower-lovers by focussing on the details that are so often overlooked.