The bathing rituals of Japans inspire GROHE’s luxurious home spas.

GROHE’s Aqua Zone concept turns every bathroom into a private spa, a space for pampering where one can feel special. Based on Japanese bathing culture, which dictates a unique zone to each stage of the bathing ritual, GROHE has created five essential zones and a range of products to fit. Here we illustrate the Aqua Zones while British interior designer Vanessa Brady explains the logic behind them.

1. Rejuvenation Zone: GROHE Rainshower® F-Series 40 Aquasymphony

The Rejuvenation Zone is designed to wake and refresh its users in the morning, and to soothe them in the evening. This spacious, multi-faceted luxury shower has a range of aquatherapy options including stimulating jet massages, restorativewaterfalls and cleansing steam sessions. The GROHE Rainshower® F-Series 40 Aquasymphony is the largest ever ceiling shower in GROHE’s portfolio and takes showering to new levels, allowing bathers to play a soundtrackdirect from their smartphones using Bluetooth. There’s also an adjustable coloured LED lighting system to help set the mood, too. “It’s scientific fact that we feel emotions stronger when we engage more than one sense, and with this shower GROHE have created a unique way of relaxing or energising multiple senses,” says Brady. The different combinations of water, light and sound are potentially limitless, making this the optimum tailor-made shower.

2. Preparation Zone: GROHE Grandera 3-hole Basin Mixer Faucet

The stylish Preparation Zone employs extravagant surroundings to transform daily cleansing routines. GROHE believes that in a spa bathroom there should be room for two, so twin basins always feature side-by-side. Brady describes GROHE’s transformation of the bathroom “from a functional space to an indulgence area in which you can spend long hours. The bathroom is now a pleasure zone and a personal space.” Part of the modern yet timeless GROHE Grandera collection, the 3-hole basin mixer faucet shows off the exceptional craftsmanship that went into creating such clean lines and elegant shapes. Dirt and scratch resistant, this durable faucet has been made using GROHE Starlight® technology that works to retain a brilliant shine.

3. Relaxation Zone: GROHE Allure Bath Filler

The Relaxation Zone is the ideal place for body and mind. GROHE’s bathing products bring together innovative design and the philosophy of Japan’s ancient bathing practices. The purpose of these traditional rituals was not simply to cleanse, but to attain a spiritual connection with the natural elements and achieve inner harmony. GROHE’s unique freestanding bath fillers are iconic designs that add value to the room interior, even when they are not in use. Where bathers position their bath is up to them, but Brady informs us that current trends reflect a desire for openness, with baths in the centre of the bathroom instead of the corner, “demonstrating a fluidity and freedom of space”.

4. Recreation Zone: GROHE Blue® and GROHE Red®

GROHE is serious about creating the complete spa experience, which is where the Recreation Zone comes in. Bathing while enjoying a glass of chilled water or a cup of mint tea is part of the spa tradition. And what better way to keep your body topped up than with the GROHE Blue® and GROHE Red® hydration stations, which provide chilled, crystal-clear filtered, sparkling water and boiling hot water straight from two single-lever faucets – for your more meditative bathroom moments. “This luxurious feeling – the experience of water and how it makes us feel – adds to our emotional well-being,” says Brady. Alongside GROHE’s range of bathing products, the GROHE Blue® and Red® hydration stations are the perfect way to enjoy the Aqua Zone experience.

5. Contemplation Zone: GROHE Arena®

The Contemplation Zone blends hygiene with inner harmony. GROHE Arena® is a cutting edge spalet designed to cleanse as part of a healthy lifestyle. Featuring an array of adjustable, personalised settings as well as an automatic body recognition system, it is the basis of extremely meticulous personal hygiene. Moreover, the Arena® has an advanced thermal self-cleaning system, leaving it magically clean after each use.