Luxury baths, kitchens, architecture & water-stories #01/2014

  • Olé, Olá, Maracanã!

    The Maracanã Stadium in Rio sports a fresh new look for the FIFA World Cup
  • Eau de Paris

    A city on the water and its most compelling corners
  • Iconic Grohe places

    Faucets with the quality seal “Made in Germany” for the world’s architectural icons

There are so many ways GROHE touches people’s lives.

David Haines, CEO, Grohe S.à.r.l
Dear Readers,

State-of-the-art water supply and bathroom and kitchen facilities are something most of us take for granted these days. But not too long ago, clean drinking water was a valuable commodity and people had to invest considerable time and energy to source it. Sadly this is still the case today in some countries. So GROHE has made it a high priority to ensure the responsible use of this luxurious elixir of life. It’s what drives us to engineer innovative, quality products that spread “Pure Freude an Wasser” across 130 countries. Join us on an inspiring journey twice each year through the world of water – with the new GROHE Magazine.

In its pages, you will meet architects who work with our products and get to know sumptuous hotels where guests enjoy using them. We also introduce some of the GROHE team, who provide unique insights into many aspects of our products. In this issue, meet Thomas Fuhr, Executive Director of Operations at GROHE AG. Thomas explains what German quality means to him, and indeed to all of us, and how we live and breathe it every day in our production facilities.

There are so many ways GROHE touches people’s lives that we would like to share some of them with you. During the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, football fans at Rio de Janeiro’s Maracanã Stadium will almost certainly come into contact with us at least once during each game. Guests at the Buddha-Bar Hotel in Paris are our guests as well. And to make sure you find lots more to enjoy in the city on the Seine besides our gorgeous faucets and the hotel’s spa area, GROHE Magazine’s editorial team has put together a few more travel tips for you. If The Beatles were still together, they would most likely wash their hands at one of our Arabesk faucets during their breaks: The newly-renovated Abbey Road Studios in London now feature GROHE fittings.

As you can see, GROHE reaches people far beyond the kitchen, bathroom and spa. Water covers over 70 percent of our planet. And it brings joy to so many people, such as the surfing plumber Andrew Cotton from England. We hope to add to the pure joy of water with fascinating stories, images and facts about the most captivating of elements, all here in the new GROHE Magazine.

Enjoy immersing yourself in the world of GROHE.

David J. Haines